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These are a few of my favorite pictures of her. #dreamgirl

… damn.

iv had a poster hanging up of her in those pink panties in my room since I was 14

Okay - just from a semiotics/art appreciation standpoint - 

Do you notice that in her images where she is topless, she is not sexualized in the way that scantily clad women often are in photography? She looks aggressive, or like she’s just standing around doing whatever. She does NOT look submissive or “come hither”. The expression in one of these is a “fuck you” expression and sometimes the expression is playful - but aggressively so.

She is posed the way that half-naked men are posed. NOT half-naked women.

P!nk has been my role model since I was 11

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There are 7 billion people on this planet who I have not met, and 195 countries I have not visited. Yet I am stuck in this insignificant town, being pressured into making decisions about my future, when I barely even know who I am.
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I’m Not Your Sassy Black Friend

"Time and time again I’ve had (white) friends take advantage of my moments of anger, my moments of feeling fabulous or my moments of being a smart-ass and turn it into a Sassy Black Friend moment. They supply my rants with exaggerated shouts of “say it girl” and my confident preening with “right on sista” and so on. They start talking in a tone that just sounds like they’ve watched a few episodes of Maury and decided that that is what all black girls sound like and they start acting like it’s funny to use their slang and accents in some weird moment of solidarity.

It’s not funny. It’s not cute. It’s not appreciated.”

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